Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Broker

Discussing mortgage conditionsThe next time you shop for a mortgage, you should be prepared to ask a lot of questions of your mortgage broker. This will make it easier to get an affordable loan that will come with favorable terms. What are the questions that you need to ask the next time that you are shopping for a mortgage?

How Long Should My Loan Be?
Borrowers can generally opt for a mortgage that lasts 10, 15 or 30 years. In some cases, you can opt for a mortgage term of 15 years. While a shorter mortgage will reduce the amount of interest paid on the loan, it will also require you to pay more each month. While a 30 year mortgage comes with a higher interest rate, you will pay less per month. Talk to to your mortgage broker to determine how long you should take to pay off your mortgage. Read More »

5 Best Tips to Get the Best Auction Price for Your Property

An auction can be a nerve wracking event, but it can also be the best way to generate interest in your property and encourage competition in a way that will get you the best possible price for your property.

It’s not as simple as grabbing a gavel and opening the house up for auction, there are a few vital elements that will help ensure you get your desired result at auction.

Establish an Advertising Budget

In order to generate interest and maximize exposure, you and your agent will work together on an advertising campaign that will put your house in the public eye. It’s important to discuss your advertising budget with your agent and agree upon the duration, media and marketing tactics. This budget is usually between 0.5 – 1% of the sale price of your home. Read More »

5 Real Estate Hot Spots in Australia in 2013

If you’re considering buying in 2013 and you’re set on making your purchase a wise long-term investment, keep an eye on these real estate hot spots. Set to experience steady growth, an increase in capital and great rental potential, these areas are not to be missed for the seasoned investor and new home buyer alike.

Dubbo, NSW

Dubbo, in Central NSW, is on the up and up when it comes to housing and property investment. The local economy is going from strength to strength fronted by the community’s innovative approaches to development in the area. Housing here is affordable, with an abundance of land available and the rental market steadily on the rise, making an investment property here a wise choice.

Bendigo, VIC

A growing city of around 100,000, Bendigo is set to become an area in demand in 2013. Its proximity and accessibility to Melbourne make it a prime location, with extensive new developments contributing to the ascending real estate trends. Read More »

Which Outdoor Renovations Will Add Value to My Home?

Many people embark on various home improvement projects. They may want to make their home more enjoyable while they live in it or want to make it more appealing on the housing market. Either way you look at it, home improvement projects can add value to your home.

However, not all home improvement projects will enhance your home’s asking price. Some will yield very little for your investment and some projects will turn potential homebuyers away.

Which outdoor home improvement projects are good investments and which are bad? We’ll tell you!


Adding a deck to your home is a great idea. Homeowners are always looking for prime outdoor spaces. If a homebuyer appreciates your beautiful backyard, the positive feelings could flow to the indoor spaces as well.

Adding a deck is one of the few projects that will provide a good return for your money. According to Home and Garden Television, homeowners recoup 65-90% of their investment. Read More »

Building a Sustainable and Energy Efficient Home in Texas

The decision to build a home is a long and somewhat difficult process, but it can also be fun and exciting as well.  Once you have a decided where to build and have received a loan from the bank, you can then start deciding on a builder.  You know you need a builder that is reputable and will work well with you, but you might also want to take into consideration a green builder, especially if you are building in Texas.  With the rising costs of everything, it is a good idea to think about building an energy efficient home.  They are good for the environment, and they save you money.  What could be better?

Process of Building Energy Efficient Homes

-Natural Daylight: one square foot of sunlight can light up to 200 square feet of space

-Wind Ventilation: allows air to flow through; the house is built to shield from the northwest wind in the winter, and the windows are placed southwest and southeast to allow for air flow during the summer, spring and fall which cuts the cooling costs down tremendously Read More »